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Handle all your affairs with ease with BB Immigration Consultancy Services. We follow all your processes from marriage to foreigners, company establishment for foreigners, foreign employee consultancy, turquoise card, recognition and enforcement, diploma equivalence and foreigners' home buying consultancy.

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If you do not want to experience serious time losses, especially in matters requiring technical knowledge, we resolve all your transactions in the fastest way possible with the support of our expert technical team. Especially in matters such as bureaucratic correspondence, it is solved quickly according to experiential factors in writing. Here BB Immigrant Consultancy Services provides you this service in the most convenient and fastest way.



Home Buying Consultancy for Foreigners

Turkey, with its historical and cultural richness and advantages, has become a center of attraction for foreign nationals in recent years.


Diploma Equivalency Counseling

Studying abroad gives students a valuable perspective while also expanding job opportunities.

Recognition and Enforcement

Recognition and enforcement is a legal procedure for judicial decisions to be recognized as valid in another country despite having been rendered in one country.


Turquoise Card

Turquoise Card is a type of work and residence permit issued for foreigners in Turkey. Turquoise Card is a valuable card type as it is possible to obtain an indefinite residence permit for people who have a Turquoise Card.


Foreign Employee Counseling

It is common for companies operating in Turkey to employ foreign personnel in order to compete at the international level.


Company Establishment for Foreigners

BB-Immigration Consultancy, a consultancy firm specialising in company formation, provides guidance to foreigners who wish to establish a company in Turkey.


Marrying a Foreigner

Marriage procedures between a Turkish citizen and a foreign national in Turkey require certain official processes to be followed. Completion of these processes can sometimes be challenging and complex.

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